Broadband Networking

Broadband Networking

Infinite’s prowess in Product Engineering for broadband networking enables Telecom OEM manufacturers to manage the challenges of bringing down time to market in Broadband Networking a business environment that requires constant innovation and shorter product cycles. The services also include performance and scalability planning, development cost appreciation, five 9 reliability requirements and concept-to-manufacturing.

Case Study

Find out how Infinite helped a client build and manage PDLC for multi service router with backplane capacity of 500+ Gbps.

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Why Infinite?

Infinite Switching and Routing capabilities provide a broad range of engineering solutions helping clients to accelerate their PDLC. Infinite takes end-to-end ownership of the process of product development to enable OEMs to offer a higher value proposition to their customers.

Infinite has proven technological expertise in engineering solutions focused on the Switching and Routing space. Top Networking and Data communication OEMs partner Infinite to enhance product quality and accelerate development in following technology areas:

  • IP Routing (OSPF, BGP, RIP).
  • Switching ( VLAN, STP/ RSTP/PvSTP, Lacp).
  • Carrier Ethernet (802.1ad, 801.1p, 802.1ag, Sync E).
  • Optical Access (RPR, OTN, DS1-3).
  • IP QOS.
  • End to End ownership of product, from concept initiation to after sales support.
  • Fast track engineering solutions and extensive open-ended lab ownership.
  • Rich and extensive experience in designing commercial products, from concept to manufacturing.
  • Consistent Five 9 reliability products delivered over several years.
  • Extensive COE research benefits for next generation networking opportunities.
  • Niche technological skills and partnership consortium delivering measurable business value to partners and customers alike.
  • Conceptualization.
  • Prototyping.
  • Design & Development.
  • Testing & Verification.
  • Product Manufacturing Support.
  • Integration & Deployment.
  • Sustenance.
  • Support & Maintenance.

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