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Telecom Equipment Vendors Ecosystem

Worldwide enthusiasm for smartphones and tablets using cloud service and video streaming are driving network traffic growth and changing traffic patterns.

Put 18+ years of experience in legacy networking products and next generation technologies to work for you.

Changes in network usage and technology poses the biggest challenge of transitioning the legacy networks to forward thinking technologies like SDN, NFV, M2M and Cloud. At Infinite, we address this challenge by leveraging our 18+ year's experience in legacy networking products and integrating next generation technologies like SDN, NFV, M2M & Cloud to ensure maximum network performance at lowest incremental cost.

Why Infinite?

We enable Telecom Equipment Vendors Ecosystem to be innovative to meet the changing demands of carriers by balancing investments in developing innovative new products while sustaining and enhancing their existing portfolios of legacy networks. We offer end-to-end software services from hardware and software design, development, testing, test automation to installation and long term product sustenance, field engineering and Tier 2/3 support for Datacom, Optical and Wireless networking products. We also provide software and services that encompass innovations across the communication spectrum, and enable TEV’s to leverage technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization, Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets), Self-Organizing Networks (SON), Cloud and many others to build and deploy highly differentiated carrier grade products.

Product Highlights

  • Successfully designed developed and deployed multiple telecom solutions in operator's network for following Datacom & Optical product categories.
  • Business Ethernet
       - Carrier Routers & Multi Service Router
       - Mobile / WiMAX/ LTE Backhaul
       - Packet Transport Switches
       - Optical Packet Subsystem
       - Optical Transport CPE
       - Demarcation Devices
       - MSPP & MSTP
  • Service Provisioning SDN solution that integrates seamlessly with standard SDN Controllers offers faster rollouts, maximum ROI and minimum TCO.
  • State of the Art Lab facility equipped with multivendor networking systems with an area measuring 12000+ sq. ft.
  • Global 24/7 Tier 2 & Tier 3 support for 70+ operators.

Product Service Offerings

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Next-Gen Telecom Technologies

Telecom equipment manufacturers are under dual pressure of expanding user demands at one end and operators constraints of investment in IP networks and cost pressures at the other. With advent of next generation technologies like software defined networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization and Cloud, we are observing new streams of innovations coming up. Infinite is involved in development of the industry’s OpenFlow compliant switches and commercial SDN deployments with leading Equipment vendors. We support TEV’s and service providers from Evaluation/PoC stage to Deployment and Operations Support by leveraging our extensive expertise in leading SDN controllers and cloud management solutions. Our SDN Service Provisioning Application and OpenFlow Client have helped our clients to rollout SDN based solutions in the Service Provider Network. Infinite’s CCN Framework addresses the two critical aspects of expanding user demands and operator constraints by drawing a golden mean which multiplies the network performance and capacity keeping the investment at minimum.

Key Features of our SDN-CCN solution

  • Content Distribution: includes implementing CCN as an overlay over IP network by creating its components as virtual network functions.
  • Mobility: includes enabling content caching across the network which will result in seamless content distribution in user environment involving mobility and multiple devices.
  • Cloud Deployment: includes creating private and public Cloud using OpenStack platform and deploying, provisioning & managing apps using OpenDaylight & Floodlight controller.

Datacom Networking

In the data networking domain, we offer product engineering services across all network layers including Layer 2, Layer 3, Forwarding plane, MPLS protocols, and Application & Management layer. We have a track record of developing end to end commercial grade switching / routing products that have been deployed in service providers networks across the globe.

Services Offerings 

  • Hardware and Software Development, testing & deployment of high availability (99.999%) enterprise and carrier class switches and routers.
  • End to end testing of Datacom products including Feature Integration Testing (FIT), System Verification Testing (SVT), Automation & Regression Testing, Protocol and Performance Testing through our Test Lab Infrastructure.
  • Interoperability testing through our Test Lab incorporating an environment with multivendor equipment.

Optical Networking

Infinite’s Multidiscipline, Cross-functional Product development team has been responsible for Optical / IP / Ethernet product development. Infinite has successfully delivered two generations of industry leading Multiservice Add/ Drop multiplexers and Ethernet switches with a team with an average team experience of 25+ years.

Services Offerings 

  • Design concept to high volume manufacturing.
  • Complete Solution Engineering and Product Architecting.
  • Complete Hardware, Software, System Engineering and Testing.
  • New Production Introduction (NPI) and Contract Manufacturing.
  • R&D Product lifecycle program management.
  • Customer field support both directly with end-customers and indirectly through Technical support organizations.

Wireless Networking

With proven expertise in developing solutions for GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WCDMA, HSPA, LTE technologies. Infinite offers solutions and services in next generation technologies. Infinite is uniquely positioned as a one stop shop for research, design, development and testing services that are needed for the timely and effective deployment of new Mobile Broadband technologies like LTE.

Infinite has experience across network elements such as:  

  • Access Nodes (BSC, BTS, NodeB, eNodeB) with all form factors (Nano, Pico and Femto).
  • Core Network elements (MME, SGW, PGW, PCU, RNC, Femto Gateway, SGSN, GGSN, MSS).
  • Convergence Nodes (CSCF, HLR).
  • Management Nodes (OSS, NMS, EMS, OMC-R).
  • Application servers (VoIP servers).
  • Complete ownership for Over the Air Programming Solutions and Subscriber Data Management products.
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