financial management software

Financial Management Software

Optimized, Risk-Free Financial Management

The need for a robust enterprise-wide risk management system that spans financial market, credit, liquidity, and operational risks  has never been greater. For example, the Operational Risk Segment can challenge a bank’s procedures for exempt customers that make cash transactions or the quality of transactional reporting used to identify suspicious transactions pursuant to BSA/OFAC.

Infinite’s Banking and financial management software solutions are helping customers build a secure and bankable future with proven expertise, rich experience and innovative solutions. As regulatory pressure on the financial industry mounts, customer preferences and expectations continuously evolve, Infinite is helping define the financial industry’s future one solution at a time.

Banking/Finance Segments

Retail and Commercial Banking

Retail & Commercial Banking

Our solutions help banking customers remain agile in a heavily regulated market while retaining new customers and increasing the customer satisfaction of existing ones.
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financial management software

Financial Advisors & Wealth Management

Our proprietary frameworks help commercial banking organizations increase competitiveness, stay in good standing with regulatory agencies, and streamline banking processes to increase profitability.
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Capital Markets

Our technology offerings help Capital Market Firms manage revenue generation and meet the needs of their clients, while conforming to strict industry regulations.

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Insurance Management Software


Our tools help agencies increase productivity and ability to capture new markets. Best practices support a paperless environment and increasing demands of educated consumers.
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BFSI Core and Common Services

BFSI Core and Common Services

Dedicated/Shared; Platform-based; On-premise/Cloud

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Infinite’s Financial IT Solutions

Our financial IT solutions capitalize on proven domain experience, technical competence, and implementation expertise; to have a direct impact on a robust bottom line. Our financial management software solutions not only enhance, expand and maintain existing financial systems, they also design and help develop new systems. Add to this, unrelenting quality processes, a wide global presence, and the ability to constantly stay ahead of the technology trend curve – and you’ve got a winning formula that can tip the scales in your favor.

Why Infinite’s Financial IT solutions over others?

  • Team of industry leaders and partnerships with world class organizing skills.
  • Proven track record of performing large scale implementation with quantified ROIs.
  • Platformized™ solutions for the BFSI industry that leverage past learnings and industry best practices.
  • Platformization™ allows custom solutions to be delivered with shorter timelines.
  • Solutions robust enough to handle large institutions, yet nimble enough to meet the needs of smaller organizations.

Our BFSI Offerings

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