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Communication at the speed of thought

Infinite’s Telecom Technology Services are designed to match up the ever-changing dynamic needs of an industry, where trends change almost daily. With billions of messages spanning the globe in the form of voice, text, data, television and radio, the need to keep pace with these changes at affordable costs and efficient platforms has become an imperative. Infinite’s telecom technology services, backed by extensive experience in the industry across computing environments and applications are working on doing just this.

Why Infinite?

Our Experience

The knowledge or mastery of a subject gained through involvement in our exposure to it:

Our Expertise

Special or advanced skill or knowledge in a particular area or areas:

  • Mobility
  • Messaging
  • Engineering
  • Network
  • Operations
  • Decision Support System
  • Enterprise Systems

Our Delivery Standards

A level of quality achievement, etc., that is considered desirable:

  • TL 9000
  • BS7791
  • CMMI 3 v1.2

Our Alliances

A relationship forged between two groups that work as a positive for both parties:

  • Sourcing AdvisorsISG (TPI), Everest & Gartner
  • IBM CenturyLink-Channel Alliance partner
  • Cisco/TerradataHitachi/NSN

Our Innovations

Having new ideas about how something can be done:

  • Risk/Reward
  • SLA Driven
  • Transaction Based

Our Global Presence

Involving the entire world with something that is noticed in a particular area:

  • USA
  • Europe
  • India
  • Asia Pacific

Telecom Technology Services Offerings