Heterogeneous Databases Migration

Business Challenge

Consolidate multiple digital imaging and communications in medicine (DiCOM) applications residing on-premises MS-SQL Server databases to AWS cloud for Real-time Computing & AI Inferencing of Medical Modalities and meet FDA 92 seconds mission-critical high availability SLA requirements.
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  • Migrate from on-premise database to AWS cloud
  • Utilized best practice tools and utilized and prescribed AWS approach.
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  • Heterogenous database migration of On-Prem 190 monolithic applications (Using SQL Server Databases) to AWS Cloud Databases (Postgres, AWS Document DB, AWS DynamoDB and Redshift)
  • Each application was converted to Microservices (Springboot-based) to scale/support Multi-Access Edge Computing. AI/ML further does correlation using AWS Graviton GPU with 15-minute response modeling
  • AWS Data Migration Service (DMS) utilized to migrate the on-prem database
  • Performed API latency tests and fine-tuned AWS DMS settings to improve the performance of DB Migration.
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  • Reduce annual database operating costs by more than 50%
  • Ongoing process to Transform to a faster, nimbler, and more cost-effective solution
  • Improved Patient Outcomes with Rapid Remote Diagnostics and System Recovery to meet real-time mission-critical care requirements
  • Advanced AI Algorithms to generate clinical insights with data from multiple sources on edge

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