Media & Entertainment

Our media & entertainment industry-first mindset provides differentiated value


The media and entertainment landscape is rapidly changing …. consumers are changing how they engage and access content, and companies are reinventing themselves to adopt new business models and generate new revenue streams. We develop purpose-built solutions for the media and entertainment market to help them navigate and success.


Enhance patient engagement. Empower health team collaboration. Protect health information.



Operational efficiency & increased business value

Value delivered

Delivering excellence with real-world impact

Faster Time to Market

Our accelerators and scale afford us the opportunity to improve time to market by up to 40%.

Scalability & Savings

Our cloud-native microservices application delivery platform can deliver 10x scalability with a 30%-40% savings.

Real time Decisioning

Built a big data unified system utilizing Hadoop to provide real time insights of customer and consumer behavior to support business decisioning for a web media and advertising client."

Multilingual Support

Global support for international clients with multilingual support teams.

The Infinite Difference

Empowered Leadership

Our innovative accelerators and empowered leadership allow us to focus on client value.

Domain Expertise

Our deep understanding of the issues Media and Entertainment clients care about: security, reliability, scalability, enterprise integration allow us to develop solutions without comprising the user experience or cost effectiveness.

Avasant RadarView™

ISG Provider Lens™ Leader, CMMI V2.0 ML 5 DEV & SVC, CRN MSP 500 2021

Multilingual Support