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If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable partner for your telecom IT services, look no further. We are uniquely aligned to serve our telecom domain customers as a strategic transformational partner through exclusive focus on Next-gen digital platforms and differentiated offerings for 5G technologies.

Driving transformation for Next-Gen Networks


Staying on top of today’s new and emerging trends… cybersecurity and resilience, AI, cloud adoption and more.



Operational efficiency & increased business value

Value delivered

Delivering excellence with real-world impact

We Invest in our Clients

We have had a 23-year relationship with a major telecom provider including NMSDC certification, 3 ODC’s, and being a VDSI partner.

Productivity at Scale

Delivered a next generation dispatch solution automating job assignment and prioritization of tasks using a mobile application for 5000 field agents.

Real-Time Decisioning

Built a big data unified system of insights utilizing Hadoop to provide real time insights of customer and consumer behavior to support business decisioning for a web media and advertising client.

High Client Satisfaction Efficient Help Desk

Provided an IT help desk for leading telecom provider that consolidated multiple help desks, reducing employee onboarding costs.

The Infinite Difference

Telecom is in our DNA

56-million-person hours of telecom experience.

Client Relationships

Infinite’s strong brand recognition, relationship with Fortune 1000 clients, multi-year engagements with product vendors, ISV’s and service providers ensures client success.

Technology Partnerships

Building on our domain experience and technology expertise to help our telecom clients deliver next generation capability.

The Infinite Difference Telecom