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Care Reimagined

The future of healthcare is in digitally reimagined experiences for patients and caregivers alike. Digitalization offers increased choice and convenience for patients, and improved outcomes for caregivers while reducing costs and workloads.

Optimize the member experience by delivering trusted care management and health outcomes.


Delivering comprehensive and innovative IT solutions to empower healthcare providers with secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems that enhance patient care and outcomes.



Operational efficiency & increased business value


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Sentara Healthcare and Infinite Computer Solutions launched a joint venture, OptaFi, that supports healthcare companies by delivering a reliable and efficient pathway to digital health. OptaFi focuses on end-to-end digital transformation–regardless of which part of the journey customers are on. Starting from concept to delivery, a unique combination of extensive healthcare and cloud experience is leveraged for the benefits of clients and patients. OptaFi’s proven patented secure frameworks and tools help customers accelerate their cloud journeys safely.

Understanding the digital future of healthcare

Value delivered

Delivering excellence with real-world impact

App Rationalization

Infinite aids in achieving 18% savings through application rationalization for a large North American Independent Physicians Association (IPA).

E2E Digital Transformation

How Infinite helped a leading healthcare payer in its end-to-end digital transformation.

Claims Processing Modernization

A large Healthcare provider kickstarts it’s legacy platform and database migration to QNXT 5.8 R3 with Infinite.

EMR/EHR Optimization

A California based Academic Medical Center saved 30% with a technology upgrade through legacy EMR modernization.

Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure modernization for a large California-based Healthcare Provider resulted in multi-million-dollar savings.

The Infinite Difference

Analyst Recognition

ISG Provider Lens - Infinite recognized as a leader for Payer Digital Transformation Services. Healthcare Cloud Migration and Interoperability Services.

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Delivering more personal, engaging, and meaningful experiences that increase engagement and interoperability.

Analyst Recognition

MAJOR CONTENDER in Digital Services & Healthcare IT Services.

The Infinite Difference