Creating smarter products and processes through an innovative platformization approach and digital transformation initiatives


Manufacturing companies face a unique set of business challenges, and efficienctly initiatives addressing them has direct impact on the bottom line. Reducing the cost of development, lowering the cost of production, and adopting game-changing technologies such as IoT, data, analytics, and process automation are critical. Partner with a company with a proven track record to get you there.

At Infinite, we’re committed to helping automotive manufacturing companies tackle critical challenges head-on by providing innovative solutions that improve connectivity, streamline supply chains, enhance manufacturing processes, and modernize product engineering.


We provide end-to-end product development services for the off-highway market, helping to improve profitability, drive revenue growth, capitalize on aftermarket opportunities, and manage fleet operations through IoT and telematics services.


Develop world-class medical products through our unique combination of product design, engineering, embedded IoT platforms, and deep domain expertise.



Operational efficiency & increased business value

Value delivered

Delivering excellence with real-world impact

Reduced Bill of Material Costs by 30% Through Lightweighting

Supported large equipment manufacturer with end-to-end product development services, core telematics platform, and fleet management applications.

Reduced QA by 60% for New Releases

Implemented state-of-the-art experiential testing platform for Infotainment systems for the world's largest automotive group.

Improved Time to Production of New Builds for Telecom OEMs

Enabled faster release cycle times of up to 60% through automated AIOps (Train-Test-Train) models for test data.

Product Ownership of Industrial Internet of Things Solution Extends Product Life

Complete ownership of product management, development, QA, infrastructure hosting, and support for various AIoT monitoring and reporting tools for US-based AIoT organization, extending product life by 5 years.

The Infinite Difference

Analyst Recognition

ISG Provider Lens recognized Infinite as a Rising Star in their 2023 Digital Engineering Services.

Deep Product Engineering Experience

Our services range from mechanical design, software design, and engineering, leveraging digital technologies to drive large business transformations.

Partnership Ecosystem

We understand business needs holistically and leverage our strong consulting, innovation and technology partnerships to bring best of the breed solutions for our customers.

Innovation Focus

Our Build-Operate-Transfer model, supported by our Centers of Excellence, have a track record of proven results and significant ROI.

The Infinite Difference

Insights & Resources

Infinite Computer Solutions

Product Management Cost Reduction Opportunities

Discover how Infinite has helped manufacturers create new products and transform legacy products, while streamlining operations and lowering costs.

Infinite Computer Solutions

Global Sourcing Cost Optimization Strategies

Join us for an engaging Fireside chat with Ajay Sinha, Industry Leader as we delve into the strategies to lower product cost in today's complex sourcing network.

Insights & Resources

Streamlined manufacturing operations and lowered cost by creating new products and transforming legacy products.
Ajay Sinha, Industry Leader delves into strategies to lower product cost in today’s complex sourcing network.