Intelligent Automation

Streamline and automate processes to increase efficiency


Now more than ever, clients need to improve their digital operations and increase efficiency, and Intelligent Automation can help. From incorporating machine learning and AI to enhancing the results of Robotic Process Automation to BPM, our solutions and service capabilities can improve the efficiency of your organizaiton.


value delivered

Engineering excellence with real-world impact

Faster Document Processing

Built trust and scaled RPA to improve productivity and reduce processing time by 50+% at a Regional Bank.

Quick Payback

RPA automated the clients' enhanced due diligence process, reducing backlog and risk while delivering a ROI in 3 quarters.

Improved Productivity

Infinite’s Dispatch and Mobility Application saves telecom company $30M and improves field technician productivity.

Reduced Errors

Helped Healthcare organization reduce manual errors 90%+ through automation.

the infinite difference

Operational efficiency & increased business value

Operational efficiency & increased business value

Partnerships with Leading Vendors

We have alliance partnerships with leading RPA vendors providing us with access to toolkits, subject-matter-experts, knowledge repositories and resources

Library of Bots

Leverage our existing library of bots based on common use cases to solve common business processes, keeping costs to a miniumum

Proven ROI

Client savings between 40%-80% common