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Give your career an Infinite edge, with a stimulating environment and a global work culture. You will find that taking pride in the work you do comes naturally at Infinite, with our focus on nurturing a workforce that is diverse, integrated and aligned to a common purpose: delivering excellence, consistently.

Why Infinite?

We foster an environment where integrity, intellect and innovation are constants. We achieve this with the values every Infinitian lives by.

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Why Infinite

We live by strong values

At Infinite we live and work by a set of values that is key to our success as an organization. Every employee, from the fresh recruit, to the seasoned professional to the leadership team has internalized these values that help us go the distance to deliver value to our customers and enrich our lives as professionals.

We value people

To build a workforce that is proud of the organization, you have to begin by valuing the people who work for you. At Infinite we have institutionalized initiatives that ensure that we listen to our employees and enable them to realize their potential. From on-boarding programs to help our new recruits hit the ground running to elaborate learning and development programs, we are committed to helping our workforce sharpen its intellectual edge. As a company there is a strong organizational belief in the power of listening: with our i-Engage, the Open Door policy, Focus Group Discussions, Huddle Meetings and the ReacHR program to address employee concerns, we’ve enabled our organization to be sensitive and responsive.

Our workforce is global, diverse and inclusive

If working with the best and brightest minds from around the world is something that you would like to do in your workplace, then Infinite is the place for you. Our global presence translates to a virtual team where you are likely to be interacting with your team members from different cultures, all seamlessly integrated in the quest to fulfill the client’s technology needs. Infinite fosters an inclusive environment where we celebrate diversity.

We invest in Learning and Development

Every Infinitian has a development plan that contains the precise sequence of activities, initiatives and programs, aimed to improve, and enhance his or her capabilities. With corporate growth on a fast-track, our development plans are fluid enough to adapt to the changing business scenarios, enabling our workforce to remain best-in-class when it comes to putting technology and innovation to work. The programs cover

  • Ability: Knowledge, skills and competencies that an individual uses in his everyday work.
  • Aspiration: Personal aspirations of individuals and initiatives taken by the individual to volunteer for development opportunities.
  • Commitment: Willingness to align personal and professional growth plans.

Our mentorship and leadership development programs hone the skills of bright young Infinitians to take on bigger roles in the future.

Infinite is an equal opportunity employer.

Life @ Infinite

There is a reason why the Infinitian takes pride in the place where he or she works. It is a combination of a stimulating work environment, an atmosphere where excellence is a hallmark and the opportunity to live an enriching life.

I-Verve is an Employees’ Club which represents the collective positive energy of a young organization.

What’s life without a little fun and excitement? I-Verve’s aim is to create an atmosphere where each employee can contribute, participate and live up to the i-Verve ethos of energy, vigor, dynamism. It’s all about the “I” representing Infinite.

i-Verve is dedicated to providing programs and activities for employees and their families to improve their home, work and community life. It aims to promote Infinite’s culture that creates a work environment built on trust and open communication amongst employees. i-Verve has over the years sponsored and organized special events and activities, sports programs to support exercise, entertainment and fun.

i-Verve fosters sensibilities to Infinitians towards the community and encourages employees to find excellence in all they do at work and at play, through ways that build camaraderie and help people to get to know fellow employees away from work – a social network that transcends above professional duties.

Some of the initiatives undertaken by i-Verve include Family Day Out, Movie Outings, Sportz Hungama, Blood Donation Camps, organizing relief for flood victims, sponsorship of all India CRY Cricket tournaments, participation in Corporate Sports Tournaments (Cricket, Throw ball, Football).

Through i-Verve, Infinitians can adopt a class at Parikrma School in Bangalore to support under privileged children.

The Infinite Olympiads is a grand sports event that has been specially designed to create a competitive environment beyond work. This in-house sports extravaganza sees 13 teams, each with about 100 members compete across over 25 categories of indoor and outdoor games and other cultural competitions. The Olympiad sharpens the team-spirit in the company, where sporting spirit sees Infinitians rising to challenges and striving for a common goal. These events culminate at the much awaited awards gala where winners across events are celebrated for their team’s performance and rewarded with loads of surprise gifts. The team with the maximum points takes home the Grand Prize and the Rolling Trophy. At the Infinite Olympiad you could be playing Throw ball, Cricket, Volley Ball, Arm Wrestling, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, Tug of War, Athletics, Soccer among other games. If you’re not the sporting type, you could take part in cultural activities like the Fashion Show, Antakshari, Dumb Charades among others.

There comes a time in the Infinitian’s life where he celebrates achievements in a way that creates beautiful and lasting memories. Umang is an event that brings together celebration of achievements and entertainment in one explosive package. It is one of Infinite’s most awaited events.

One of the highlights of Umang is the Shakti Sutra, an award instituted to recognize the woman of substance at Infinite. It is given to the woman who brings value to her work while also possessing a personality that inspires those she works with. It highlights Infinite’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace.

The eagle is a bird that is known for its winning traits. The reason it soars higher is because of an undying positive attitude. Infinite’s Eagle award celebrates this attitude within Infinite. The Eagle Award is given out for that go-getter attitude that sets Infinite apart from competition. The eagle award winners are a huge part of Infinite’s strength.


At Infinite we believe that an engaged employee is an organization’s greatest asset. To this end, the I-Engage group facilitates pro-active conversations between employees and their managers, buddies and mentors. It aims to create a personal touch in these relationships, so that communication is smooth and effective. Should there be any issues or concerns, i-Engage’s aim is for the exchange of opinions to be free and frank.

i-Engage conducts induction and orientation programs to help new employees understand the objectives of the organization, while making them feel welcome.

Live Wire is an initiative that takes care of fun at work. With managed employee benefit programs the prime focus is to provide value added services that make life easier and more fun while at work.

i-Engage also manages the Employee Help Desk and Employee Lounge at Infinite and implements and executes proactive employee relations program to create a positive organizational culture.

i-Engage’s mandate is to create employee delight by consistently anticipating and passionately exceeding expectations.