Jul 12, 2017

Auburn graduate Sanjay Govil founded Infinite Computer Solutions in 1999.

Sanjay Govil's first exposure to Auburn football came as a student when he tutored Steve Wallace, a future three-time Super Bowl winner, in math.

"He was totally focused on his degree at Auburn," Govil says. "He used to come every day to class early in the morning and study, and then leave on crutches. It speaks to the culture, it speaks to the virtues, it speaks to the priorities Auburn has for its student-athletes. Athletics is a means, education is the way."

Thirty years after first working together, Wallace and Govil reunited at the 2015 Iron Bowl.

"During my junior year, I sunk to an all-time low after hearing I needed knee surgery," Wallace remembered. "But there was a young math tutor constantly encouraging me. He often said I would probably have a better future in math than football."

During his NFL career, Wallace returned to Auburn in the offseason, graduating in 1993. "Encouragement is a difference-maker," Wallace says.

The son of longtime Auburn University mathematics and statistics professor Narendra Govil, Sanjay graduated from Auburn in electrical engineering before earning advanced degrees from Syracuse and Wharton.

"We're a true Auburn family," Govil says. "We came to America in 1984 and I came to Auburn High School straight from India. So, Auburn is all we knew, and Auburn University has really framed our entire life for me and my family."

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