A clinical research center and hospital, operating as a private, non-profit organization

Business Challenge

The primary goal of this engagement was to optimize and modernize the client’s infrastructure operations to achieve significant savings by eliminating inefficient data centers and workloads, upgrading network provisioning and infrastructure through services such as Data Center Management, Service Desk, Desktop Support, and Network Management. This initiative aimed to achieve cost savings and improved outcomes.

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  • Infinite led a comprehensive assessment of the client’s infrastructure, initiating a transformative journey focused on digital and infrastructure enhancements.
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  • Establishing a modernized Data Center through a Hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Improved, operational efficiency by:

1) Optimizing processes, 2) Standardizing operations, 3) Vendor Consolidation

  • The result was a transition to a mature Managed Services model, yielding notable gains in operational efficiency, cost savings, and service quality—a pivotal milestone in the client’s technological journey.
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Business Value
  • 400+  Legacy application migrated to cloud
  • $25M  Realized in cost savings
  • 22%  Reduction in Infrastructure spending
  • 35%  Increase in optimized archiving for image storage

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