Application Modernization

Rejuvenate legacy systems without renovating the entire framework with business-centric, agile systems. Infinite helps you retain the value of your business-specific data by leveraging current SOA, REST, CI/CD principles such as Microservices, Containerization, DevOps, BI, Analytics, and Cloud platforms. We provide end-to-end modernization services from application assessment and planning, re-coding, re-architecting, migration, and re-hosting to integration. We use leading cloud-based platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, etc. and a proven delivery methodology to better align the systems with business needs. 

Solution Features
  • 20% cost saving in replacement or retirement of legacy systems.
  • 30% reduction in the maintenance cost.
  • Our proprietary approach, Platformization™, can help improve performance by 10%.
  • The automated regression test suite ensures quality and on-time delivery after each implementation.
  • High reliability and reusability of components.
  • Simplified integration and deployment using CI/CD.

What we offer

Application Assessment

We thoroughly investigate your existing systems to determine the best architecture for your application portfolio. We evaluate all options, such as re-platforming, re-hosting, re-coding, re-factoring, re-architecting, re-building, or the replacement and retirement of your legacy systems.

Legacy Application Modernization Using Cloud

Using different cloud platforms, we can help you meet increasing customer expectations by making systems available at an affordable cost.

Single Page Application (SPA) Framework

Achieve faster transition that makes your website feel more like a native app like Angular, React JS.

Containerization Ecosystems

Containerization ecosystems such as Docker and Kubernetes help in bundling an application together with all its related configuration files, libraries, and dependencies required for it to run in an efficient and bug-free way across different computing environments.