System Integrations

Infinite’s System Integration Services with API & Middleware integration - seamlessly ties together different stages of IT lifecycle with a single-thread delivery approach and an operating model that aligns processes across IT services and the technology landscape. With a highly-skilled workforce for Integrated Services & SOA experts, Infinite leverages proprietary industrialized frameworks to create solution platforms for specific industry segments. This approach enables significant reductions in work effort and costs while providing faster time-to-market and enhanced ability to respond to market dynamics.

Solution Features
  • Consolidation of redundant functionalities and decoupling of assets from obsolete and expensive applications.
  • 20% cost reduction. 
  • Increased agility achieved by restructuring and reconfiguring the business processes.
  • Best-in-class accelerators and tools for data conversion, testing, and interface building.
  • Mature SOA and flexible architecture that steers clear of vendor lock-in.

What we offer

Middleware & API’s

Infinite leverages industry-leading middleware solutions like IBM Websphere, Dell Boomi, and Oracle Weblogic and accelerates the integration of siloed legacy systems through a Platformization-driven approach. We reduce development times by 70% with a centralized platform to troubleshoot the system errors and enable a faster, cost-effective path to cloud migration.