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How can we challenge our employees to “stay hungry, stay foolish”?

As a young student at Reed College, Steve Jobs dropped into a calligraphy class. The session was not part of his main course curriculum. It was an interest—an extracurricular activity—that Steve was developing in his spare time. This calligraphy class decided the fonts that were used in the first Macintosh computer and changed the face of typography as the world knows it today.

Most employees have an extracurricular activity that they are passionate about in school or college—a passion for a musical instrument, a sport, or the college drama club. But they leave this behind at the workplace in the pursuit of professional excellence.

Yet, passions and interests need not be set aside when employees enter the workforce. Here too, these activities have a role to play—acting as a respite from the pressure of work, keeping individuals inspired to pursue excellence.

At Infinite, we know that the pursuit of varied interests make more centered professionals. Whether at work or in following their passions, we encourage Infinitians to demonstrate the spirit of I-N-F-I-C-S. We call upon them to ignite, nurture, foster, inspire, challenge and support. In doing this, they discover their potential and resonate the core values that make Infinite a unique organization.

Igniting passion

Great organizations ignite thought leadership, passion and innovation among employees. Infinite achieves this not just through challenging work opportunities, but also with extracurricular activities that spark excellence. We live this belief every year when Infinitians pursue their passion for sport at the Infinite Olympiad that is held across six months. The company-wide sporting event that is embraced with great enthusiasm does not just encourage employees to excel, but also builds teams across the organization.

Nurturing creativity

A positive and creative work environment contributes to the holistic development of every individual. Infinite nurtures this by creating a setting that encourages a work-life balance. Even as they stay focused on exceeding client expectations, our technologists pursue their interests. The Infinite campus in Bangalore caters to this with a gym, a hobby and sports arena, a football ground and a mini-golf course. Infinitians are encouraged to use all these facilities in their free time.

Fostering innovation

Freedom fosters innovation. This is most evident at iVerve, Infinite’s employees club, which showcases Infinitians’ talent in various sports and art forms. The club that is managed by employees ensures that Infinitians are creatively engaged throughout the year with various events and activities. The essence of “i” in iVerve represents the freedom of every single employee of Infinite. The freedom to innovate and grow, builds a strong bonding with other employees and develops a relationship with the company that results in creating a sense of “V” or togetherness.

Inspiring integrity

An organization inspires trust when its employees demonstrate integrity in customer interactions. Infinitians’ integrity is self-evident when they display sportsmanship at Olympiad sports like the marathon, football, cricket and badminton. But above all else, it is most visible when employees pursue their interest in social development and dedicate time on a weekly basis to mentor underprivileged children through NGOs such as Sparsha.

Challenging employees to succeed

Organizations succeed when individuals and teams demonstrate excellence. Infinitians understand this when they team up to flawlessly execute projects. This is also reinforced when they pursue their passion and strive together in teams at the Infinite Olympiad, battling against great odds to triumph.

Supporting collaboration

All these diverse activities converge to facilitate collaboration among Infinitians, whether they are meeting organizational goals or coming together to support social causes through compassion. In this way, the shared pursuit of a common interest teaches them that when a committed group of people combine their efforts, they can achieve great results together.

In his famous address to students at Stanford, Steve Jobs encouraged the class of 2005 to “stay hungry, stay foolish”. At Infinite, we keep the spirit of the classroom alive in the boardroom by exhorting all Infinitians to ignite, nurture, foster, inspire, challenge and support.

Amit Srivastav
President, Business Technology Solutions

Amit Srivastav

Amit Srivastav is the President of Technology Solutions at Infinite Computer Solutions. He heads a team of strong business leaders who are focused on the Platformization™ of business solutions across the Healthcare, Media & Content, Telecommunications and Banking & Finance verticals. With +20 year of experience in the IT and Outsourcing Industries, he is responsible for sales, delivery, systems and solutions and business marketing functions for the company. His motivational style of leadership drives positive energy in his teams and brings innovative service offering to the marketplace

Prior to joining Infinite, Mr. Srivastav headed HCL Technologies’ Sourcing Advisory and Strategic Alliance functions for the Americas, responsible for systems integration revenue and profitability, new solution development and field engagement between HCL and its core strategic partners

Mr. Srivastav started his career with HCL Technologies in 1993 and later moved to Microsoft, where he was part of the Core Partner and Channel business. He worked at 3i InfoTech before returning to HCL in 2006. While at HCL, Mr. Srivastav managed the East Coast sales of HCL’s Infrastructure business, where he delivered high revenue growth over 4 years. He also founded and ran his own venture in Silicon Valley.

Mr. Srivastav has a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from GB Pant University of Technology. He also trained with the executive program on business management, marketing and related support services at the prestigious XLRI, Xavier School of Management in India.

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