Test Implementation:
• System Functional: Infinite ensures that the system satisfies the functional requirements of detailed system specifications. Infinite conducts System Functional testing to cover the integrated system with complete traceability with the functional requirements.

• Regression Testing: Part of our regression testing is employing a sub set of conditions in test cases to ensure any enhancements, fixes, configuration changes, upgrades etc. are fully integrated with other non-affected components. Infinite conducts optimized regression testing through risk assessment, impact assessment and prioritization. Infinite recommends automated regression testing after a detailed feasibility study.

• User Acceptance Testing: Infinite conducts and/or supports User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure that customers are satisfied with the delivered product, the system is fit for purpose, and the system will support business. It includes testing the system against customer business requirements following actual business processes or scenarios.

• Non-Functional Testing – By comprehensively testing application compatibility, performance, scalability, security, usability and other parameters, we help you address performance issues against defined benchmarks, using user-friendly applications, industry standard and open source testing tools.
• Test Automation – Our frameworks allow significant cost savings and productivity gains by adhering to scripting standards and testing best practices. The following are the services offered for Automation Testing:
o Automation Feasibility Assessment
o Proof of concept
o Framework design and implementation
o End-to-end automation development
o Test result report generation
o Defect reporting

• Mobile Testing: Infinite’s expertise lies in mobile testing on multiple devices, applications, platforms and technologies. We deliver projects using licensed and open source tools for mobile testing. Infinite’s mobile testing spectrum includes:

o Functionality & Usability
o Memory leakage
o Interrupt testing
o Performance testing
o Installation testing
o Compatibility
o Mobile/end point security (Device, Data & Application)
o Enterprise Mobility Management Testing (EMM)- [MDM & BYOD and MAM]
o Mobile Technology Migration (MTM) /Porting Services / Platform Migration Testing

• Compliance Testing – We test applications for compliance with existing regulatory standards, including SOX, DDA and HIPAA.

Data Warehouse Testing – Our testing methodology is incremental and designed to accommodate changing data-warehouse schema from evolving business needs. We use a unique, structured approach to data warehouse testing that runs parallel with development to eliminate anomalies before they reach production.

• SOA Testing – Our test driven approach for Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) testing facilitates application-to-application communication across multiple layers of the technology stack. Our ADIGT framework provides extensive reuse of test artifacts and considerably reduces time to market, while test automation improves efficiency and increases productivity.

• Agile Testing – Our innovative solution, methodology, and onsite/offshore model for monitoring and controlling rapid product-development cycles deliver significant cost and quality benefits.

• Package Testing – We test interrelated applications developed by third party software vendors for a wide range of packages, including SCM, ERP and CRM from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and others.