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Service-Oriented Architecture

Infinite Computer Solutions is at the forefront when it comes to helping enterprises adopt, refine and implement an integrated ecosystem. Using Infinite’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions, customers can create a highly integrated set of business processes designed to optimize the alignment between IT and their business.

Through our SOA solutions Center of Excellence (CoE), Infinite developed its SOA-based “ADIGT” framework: assessment, diagnostic, implementation, governance, testing. ADIGT provides organizations with solutions which enable them to capitalize on the opportunities created by an integrated ecosystem.

Our SOA CoE supports cost-effective and pragmatic leading-edge solutions across all dimensions of SOA implementations. The CoE assimilates and promotes SOA solutions standards and best practices across various SOA engagements, providing the full spectrum of SOA benefits to our enterprise customers.

ADIGT: Infinite’s SOA Solutions Framework


  • SOA readiness: gauge your system’s current ability to facilitate SOA adoption.
  • SOA strategy: determine the optimal SOA approach for your business.
  • SOA roadmap: outline the steps necessary to adopt and develop SOA.
  • SOA technology: determine the SOA technology best suited to your business.


  • SOA architecture: analyze your system to evaluate SOA structure for optimization.
  • SOA maturity: evaluate SOA architecture for development potential.
  • SOA performance: measure SOA performance to help optimize IT system functionality.
  • SOA security: evaluate the security of your SOA architecture.


  • SOA modeling: model SOA processes to get the most out of your SOA solutions.
  • SOA design: structure SOA to align with your business processes, analysis, and goals.
  • SOA development: systematically refine and optimize SOA utilization across your IT ecosystem.
  • SOA POC/POA: demonstrate SOA utility upon deployment.


  • Governance adoption strategy: define SOA policies and processes to optimize efficacy.
  • Governance framework development: develop best practices for governing SOA processes.
  • WSRR governance environment: apply SOA governance policies within WSRR.
  • SOA governance lifecycle: utilize SOA solutions to govern the service component lifecycle.


  • SOA functionality testing: evaluate SOA application performance.
  • Compliance interoperability: verify interoperability among SOA system components.
  • SOA governance testing: verify enforcement of SOA governance throughout the project lifecycle.
  • QoS security performance: evaluate compliance with quality of service (QoS) security requirements.
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Why Infinite?

  • When it comes to SOA solutions, it is often difficult for organizations to see beyond immediate challenges and opportunities. They fail to recognize that organizing applications as “services” can be an ideal method for adopting new or future technologies.
  • To unlock the full potential of SOA across your organization’s services, Infinite offers the ADIGT framework (Assessment, Diagnostic, Implementation, Governance and Testing).
  • Infinite has developed its SOA reference architecture based on many successful SOA implementations.

Solution Offerings

Blueprint for Creation and Evaluation

SOA Assessment and Diagnostic

SOA Implementation

SOA Governance

SOA Testing

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Features and Benefits

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Increased Agility

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