What Are Some of the Most Common Mistakes in Implementing Technology in Healthcare Systems?

Q. What Are Some of the Most Common Mistakes in Implementing Technology in Healthcare Systems? Implementing technology in healthcare systems can be inherently risky; integrating unknown systems without the right processes in place can lead to security breaches, unsecure data and mishandling of patient records. However, the key word in avoiding mistakes is preparation. [...]

No app-arent winner in the battle of enterprise chat solutions

Justine Brown Over the last two years, chat apps and collaboration tools have made huge inroads into the enterprise. But are these platforms simply a fad, or will they finally succeed in changing enterprise communication and collaboration as we know it? And if it is the latter, who will win the battle for the enterprise? [...]

Enabling Providers to Use Truly HIPAA Compliant Email

Direct messaging is increasing in popularity, but how exactly does it tie into HIPAA compliant email and what should providers understand before implementing it? Elizabeth Snell As technology continues to evolve, healthcare organizations of all sizes are working to remain current in what they can offer to providers and patients while also keeping PHI [...]

Healthcare Industry Trends to Watch

By Sanjay Govil Wearable technologies and analytics to dominate medical sector in 2017 Current developments indicate that the healthcare industry will see a significant shift in 2017 toward an all-out embrace of technology, characterized by dramatic growth in wearables, predictive analytics, electronic health records (EHRs), and gamification. Driving this push is the healthcare marketplace itself: [...]

‘Digital therapeutics sits at the intersection of science, technology and design’

Sanjay Govil, Founder and Chairman, Infinite Computer Solutions, a provider of custom technology-based business process solutions, next-gen mobility solutions and product engineering services, shares his views on the growing trend of digital therapeutics, its potential to bring about a positive transformation in healthcare delivery and his company’s offerings in this space, with Lakshmipriya Nair How [...]

Infinite Sponsors Scholarship for Director of Healthcare Informatics & Tech, St. Vincent Partners

Infinite Computer Solutions announces first annual scholarship award since joining the CHIME Foundation Rockville, MD, November 1, 2016 – Infinite Computer Solutions, a global IT services solution for Fortune 100 companies, announced today it will award its first annual scholarship to Anthony Brockman, Director of Healthcare Informatics & Technology at St. Vincent’s Health Partners [...]

8 strategies for achieving IT goals

By Jennifer Lonoff Schiff IT executives and project managers share their tips on how to create realistic goals and the steps you need to take to attain them (with minimal delays or disruptions). Identifying a goal is easy. Achieving it is another thing—especially if you are in IT and have to deal with other departments [...]

What Enterprises Need to Know about Encryption

by Anurag Lal - CEO of Infinite Convergence Solutions Recent high-profile hacks have raised awareness around the dangers of insecure communication, bringing one feature in specific into the limelight: encryption. Headline-making encryption vulnerabilities in consumer-facing mobile messaging apps have also exposed the security holes commonplace in third-party mobile messaging platforms. For example, WhatsApp, who recently [...]

What Recent Breaches Can Teach the Enterprise About Security

by Anurag Lal Email was formerly the gold standard for business communication, but that is quickly shifting in light of recent, headline-making security vulnerabilities. Now, enterprises are forced to look for alternatives that are in line with both enterprise-grade security needs and employee communication preferences. The way we communicate, both professionally and personally, has shifted [...]

The Complexity of Securing Data on Multiple Platforms

by Carl Weinschenk - itbusinessedge.com Last week, enterprise digital rights management firm Seclore released a study on sharing of secure data among internal and external personnel. Almost all – 98 percent – say that security is a top or significant concern (it’s fair to wonder what the other 2 percent are thinking about). Many believe [...]