News / Here's how WhatsApp could disrupt healthcare
By BI Intelligence, Sep 01, 2016

WhatsApp’s global cross-platform rollout of end-to-end encryption could incentivize more US doctors to use the messaging service to communicate with patients or colleagues, according to Cello Health Insight (cited by Fortune).

This could vastly improve the reach and speed of communication between doctors and patients.

Just 4% of doctors in the US use the chat app to communicate with other doctors or patients. The low adoption rate is mostly out of concern about violating Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy regulations. In other markets where regulations aren't as severe, such as Brazil and China, the use of WhatsApp among doctors is much more prevalent. In Brazil, roughly 90% of doctors use the app to communicate with patients. There are more than 100 million WhatsApp users in Brazil, making the chat app a powerful tool for reaching patents.

The use of WhatsApp in healthcare makes sense for a number of reasons:

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