News / How predictive analytics is enabling the healthcare sector
By The Red Mark, Aug 31, 2016

This article is authored by Neeraj Pandey, AVP, Enterprise Analytics Group, Infinite Computer Solutions

Every one of us has been a patient in past, during which, we always demand the best possible medical care from Healthcare Practitioners and Providers. While receiving medical assistance, we presume healthcare providers to be experts 100% of the time; assuming them to provide the best possible diagnosis without any exception. In reality (and unfortunately), for most of the time, this is not what gets delivered to us.

To get a better perspective on the scenario at hand, let’s have a peek at the other side of the story now. There is no doubt that experienced Healthcare Providers and Physician Practitioners are extremely knowledgeable, very well-read, and fully-trained to handle their expertise area. But it is humanly impossible to leverage 100% of their knowledge instantly while treating their patient for every medical situation. Moreover, Providers will not have all the desired data points at their fingertips needed to compare treatment outcomes. Even if they have access to massive amounts of historical data points, they would still need time and expertise to analyze that information and integrate it with the patient’s own medical profile. This gap between expectation and reality might lead to inappropriate Diagnosis, Readmissions, Diagnosis Delays, Higher Practitioner occupancy, Issues with claim management and the list continues.

So, in spite of healthcare providers at their best, perfect healthcare service with 100% accuracy would be a little too much to ask for. Looking at the seriousness of the healthcare sector is being taken, gaps between expectations and outcomes will continue to grow which will not be the best situation to live with.

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