News / Infinite Study Finds More Than 1 in 3 Mobile Phone Owners Subscribe to Mobile Messages from Businesses
May 20, 2013

CHICAGO, May 20, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Infinite Convergence Solutions, a next-generation wireless messaging and mobility solutions provider for carriers and enterprises, today releases the results of its 2013 Mobile Messaging Trends study. The study surveyed more than 500 mobile phone owners on their preferences and habits while communicating with businesses both as consumers and employees.

The study found 36 percent of mobile phone owners subscribe to receive mobile messages from businesses; of those subscribers, 90 percent opt to receive mobile messages from one to five businesses.

"The number of mobile and smartphone owners is steadily increasing, and as a result consumers are using these devices as their mainstream means of all communication," said Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence. "SMS and MMS messaging is the most ubiquitous and convenient form of communication and a platform businesses must leverage to reach consumers." Mobile messaging's effectiveness is demonstrated in the amount of time it takes mobile phone owners to open a message. According to the study, 91 percent of mobile phone owners open a message within 15 minutes of seeing a notification.

Messaging for Business Purposes The study also examined mobile message usage in a corporate environment and found 45 percent of mobile phone owners use mobile messaging for business correspondence. Communication among colleagues is the most popular use, and 61 percent of respondents who send mobile messages for business purposes say official information from an employer is the most valuable information to receive.

Delivery assurance is a common concern with mobile messaging in a business setting. Seventy percent of mobile phone owners do not text with their company, clients or colleagues because of lack of a paper trail to guarantee delivery and receipt. Security is also a concern with 40 percent of respondents hesitant to text for business purposes because of worries about message security.

"Mobile phone owners need to know their message is safely being delivered only to the people or businesses it's intended for," said Lal. "Guaranteed confidentiality, security and delivery reliability builds trust among the consumer, business and mobility provider, increasing recipients' confidence in mobile messaging for enterprise communication." Consumer Mobile Messaging The study also uncovered insight on mobile messaging preferences in select industries: -- Banking & financial institutions: One in three respondents would communicate financial or banking activity and updates via mobile message.

-- Healthcare: One in three respondents would share medical information or illness symptoms with their doctor via mobile message.

-- Travel & hospitality: One in two respondents would make or confirm travel plans via mobile message, and one in four would purchase a flight or book a hotel via mobile message.

-- Retail: Of the 64 percent of respondents who don't currently subscribe to text messages from businesses, 38 percent would subscribe if offered a deal, special savings or secret sale notification, providing retailers with ample opportunity to engage customers on the device they use most, according to Lal. In fact, 26 percent of respondents rated special offers or promotions as the most valuable type of information to receive from businesses via text.

"Consumers are comfortable with mobile messaging because of its convenience," said Lal. "Mobile messaging can be used across industries and in many different businesses cases, but enterprises must be cautious to only communicate value-added information." Mobile Messaging Opportunities for Businesses have an opportunity to reach mobile phone owners who do not currently communicate with companies via mobile messaging, according to the study. Forty-eight percent of mobile phone owners who do not subscribe to receive mobile messages from businesses would opt in if messages were customized to their specific needs or preferences, signaling a need for businesses to shift from sending mass messages to more personalized information.

"Consumers want tailored information and experiences," said Lal. "Understanding who the consumer is and how to forge a connection is crucial to push consumers to act on the mobile messages they receive." Infinite Convergence will unveil its findings at CTIA 2013 on Tuesday, May 21, where the company is exhibiting in booth 3657. As a member of CTIA - The Wireless Association, Infinite Convergence plays an active role in this international non-profit organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984. For more information about CTIA, visit

The Infinite Convergence 2013 Mobile Messaging Trends Study Methodology Infinite Convergence Solutions completed this study to uncover trends and provide enterprises with an improved understanding of mobile messaging habits and preferences. Last year, Infinite Convergence launched its Enterprise Messaging Service (EMS), a cloud-based messaging platform specifically designed for enterprises to securely exchange information with customers, employees and business partners globally. For more information about EMS, visit

The study surveyed 547 consumers on their mobile messaging habits and behaviors. The study asked questions across a variety of topics, including mobile message frequency, communication with businesses and mobile message subscriptions. Findings were evaluated based on demographic qualifiers, including gender, age and smartphone ownership. Response percentages were further evaluated on a quantitative scale to assess actionable metrics for enterprises.

About Infinite Convergence Formed in 2010 as a result of an alliance between Infinite Computer Solutions (BSE: 533154|NSE: INFINITE) and Motorola (now Nokia Siemens Networks), Infinite Convergence provides innovative messaging and mobility solutions and next-generation wireless communication technologies to mobile operators and enterprises. Currently supporting more than 130 million subscribers globally, Infinite Convergence offers a complete range of scalable Enterprise Messaging Services, Rich Communication Suite, Converged Messaging, Public Safety Messaging, SMS, MMS, and Gateway solutions for businesses and Tier 1 wireless operators globally. Headquartered outside Chicago, Infinite Convergence employs 200 people in the USA, India and Singapore. Infinite Convergence Solution is a wholly owned subsidiary of Infinite Computer Solutions. For more information, visit

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