OSS/ BSS Transformation

Infinite offers comprehensive OSS/BSS Transformational services with various services, platforms, and solutions across a wide range of networks, including 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G, WiMAX, Intelligent Edge Network, IP/MPLS, SDH/SONET. The network management function ensures the network resources are effectively made available to customers and consumed efficiently.

The OSS/BSS End to End solution involves discovery, reconciliation, inventory management, provisioning, activation, and billing systems with a final output of reduced time to market and controlled deployment cost.

As a part of transformation and migration service, the offerings are legacy transformation, consolidation of OSS/BSS application, migration and decommission of application and network equipment.

As part of the engineering service, we have developed provisioning, inventory, activation, service level agreement, mediation, order management, IP services, policy management, network management systems and developed product enhancements for product development with support and maintenance.

Solution Features
  • Integrated Billing solution
  • Accurate inventory system compared to real-time network.
  • Integrated OSS solution for network planning, monitoring, and orchestration which allows the CSPs to manage digital experience along with performance management.
  • Developed a flexible rating engine to support rating functionalities for two different business sectors -Communication Service Providers and the Energy and Utilities sector.
  • Live lab device testing support to achieve optimal architectural solutions, which include services like 5G, bandwidth requirement, etc. tailored to customer goals, objectives, constraints, and limitations
  • Brought in modernization in legacy inventory management systems to achieve unified Network Inventory Management solution to maintain data integrity which supports multi-layered network equipment needs, template enhancement for existing equipment’s and provides extensive support for existing workflow management

What we offer

Strategy Consulting Service

We analyze the network architecture of CSP and recommend optimal OSS/BSS solutions with appropriate vendor assessment of Commercial off-the Shelf (COTS) products.

System Integrator

OSS/BSS End to End solution with design, architecture, and implementation with support and maintenance.

Engineering Service

Providing development, testing, and maintenance as a service for the OSS / BSS new product development and enhancing the existing product.

Transformation and Migration Service

Legacy transformation, consolidation of OSS/BSS application, migration, and decommission of application and network equipment.