Integration With Medical Devices & Ecosystem

Our Health device integration suite enables integrations with various medical types of equipment, monitoring devices stationed at the patient bedside meant for non-critical and long-term care. We offer services to enable seamless device, data, and home healthcare application connectivity and interoperability between home health care applications & legacy systems.

We automate the workflow of managing the medical assets, equipment, supplies, and workforce that includes asset tracking, monitoring, navigation, calculate wait times for efficient facility utilization. We also bring in automated and customized clinical workflows using Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Lab Ordering, decision support systems, and our interoperable modules enabling the exchange of data across the enterprise. We adhere to HL7 and other standards related to clinical data exchange, integration, and interoperability.

Key Features

  • CMS/ONC 21st Century Readiness and Implementation.
  • Big Data Ready for a continuous stream of data from devices (IoMT).
  • Robotics Process Automation in implementing In-Home Care solutions for clinical data exchange.
  • In-Home care solution implementation via equipment integration.
  • Built-in plug and play APIs with all leading smart wearables products.
  • Asset Management Services tagged with IoT for track and count.
  • Geo Navigation with low energy Bluetooth beacons.

Infinite aim to provide services to provide access throughout the healthcare ecosystem from a single interface on the web or mobile. We offer our services to gain visibility into EHRs, monitoring devices, and more.  

Tools & Frameworks

Various standards supported: -EHR/EMR/ACOs/MCOs/Payer Realtime and Batch Integration

  • HL7 V2.x – For Clinical Data Messaging.
  • HL7 V3 – For Clinical Data Messaging.
  • CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) – Complete document Object that can include text, images, sounds, and other multimedia contents.
  • C-CDA (Consolidated – Clinical Document Architecture).
  • CCD – Continuation of Care Document.
  • HL7 FHIR.
  • HIPAA X12 Standards for batch and real-time processing of claims, eligibility, authorization, Payments, and Status inquiry.
  • NCPDP – National Council for Prescription Drug Program for retail pharmacy messaging.
  • NACHA File – National Automated Clearing House Association - For Banking integration with Organizations.
  • HL7 DoF – Devices on FHIR.
  • IHE PCD-01 – Integrating Healthcare Enterprises – Patient Care Devices – 01 (Uses HL7 V2.x message formats).
  • DICOM - Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine for Radiology devices.
  • Device communication standards like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS 232, Bluetooth, and more are supported for integrating for 3rd party devices’ interfaces.

Tools and Technologies Expertise:

Zyter Interoperability, TIBCO, Pega, Mulesoft, Edifecs Transaction Manager, Axway, Oracle ESB.