Network and Consumer Analytics

Consumer analytics for wireless & wireline network products becomes crucial for the service provider to understand networks, customer trends and plan and forecast the business to the next level. The techniques harnessed to work with these data include statistical analysis, data mining, knowledge management, and business intelligence.

Infinite provides specialized Analytical solutions to take business decisions using Data Mining, Machine Learning Models & Algorithms with data analytics and prediction patterns. The analytical solutions can offer new insights that help the customer make better and faster decisions based on the data. Network Data in all forms and sizes are being processed from various data sources and represented in multiple dashboards for End to End data analytics.

The Big data Analytics team provides efficient and competent solutions by continuously delivering Analytics predictions to major network providers. Provide application development, maintenance, and support service to customer research analytics products and real-time trend analysis from the social media and penetrating the system with the representation of line chart, bar chart, decision Tree, and geographical reports with the comparison of sentiment among vendors.

Key Highlights

  • Enterprise Data warehouse and business intelligence reports for strategic decision making and business forecasting using an ETL process.
  • Provided end-to-end automated process capturing key metrics covering more than 20 different business scenarios for identifying the call drop reasons and take corrective measures.
  • Built Dashboard Reports for devices performance measurement, performance measurement related to LTE, VOLTE, VoWifi, EPC (Evolved Packet Core) networks, Measurements of POS and device returns, measurements for Call in Rate with the customer care across regions.
  • Expertise in providing solutions in Forecasting, Anomaly detection, and Sentiment Analytics model helps device manufacturers and commercial customers monitor device development and ISP progress.
  • 15 years of rich domain expertise in telecom, network technologies in wireless & wireline products, and having expertise in data modeling and analytics
  • 90%+ accurate data analytics reporting for effective decisions.
  • Expertise in Cisco & Ciena devices, Routers, Juniper networks, and Edge networks.
  • Customized Solution for Wireless & Wireline dashboards, Reports for Sales, Marketing & growth scorecards.

What we offer

End to End Analytical System & Solutions

360-degree modeling and analytics system driven by artificial intelligence and big data solutions for 3G,4G, and future 5G analytics.

Log Viewer and Decision Tree Analytics

Call drop analytics using decision-tree analytics/log viewer.

Business Intelligence & Dashboard Reporting

End-to-end Solution forecasting, anomaly detection, and sentiment analytics model using AI /ML for consumer network usage patterns.