Smart Spaces

Blending the power of analytics, Machine Learning, and vision AI, with IoT. Infinite's Smart Spaces solutions utilize connected devices, edge computing, and real-time intelligence to deliver a seamless experience through a single platform for different stakeholders. Infinite offers end-to-end solutions including cost-effective energy management, data-driven traffic control systems, smart waste management, and many more. Our team can help State Governments, federal agencies, and hospitals on their transformation journey by delivering enhanced safety and efficiency of self-managed spaces and generating demonstrable ROI. Infinite's consulting and advisory services help you evaluate the specific requirements, business models, and investment options to determine the most suitable alternative between building, buying, or subscribing to IoT platforms in SaaS/PaaS. We define the best-fit technology blueprint with the appropriate selection of sensors, devices, and communication protocols.

Solution Features
  • Expertise in communication protocols like Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, Sigfox, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, and several others along with our deep knowledge of popular IoT platforms like AWS, Azure, Thingswox, Google, and IBM IoT.
  • Microservices, native cloud, and DevOps services along with our in-house Open IoT Ecosystem.
  • Leverage data to reduce operational costs and generate new revenue streams through predictive and prescriptive analytics. 
  • End-to-end solutions tailored to your specific needs including smart postal services, smart parking, asset tracking, smart streetlights, indoor wayfinding, and many more.
  • Pay as a Service per device/outcome/user based on enhanced personalization.

What we offer

Traffic Management

Implement road sensors, AI-enabled cameras, and centrally controlled traffic lights to detect incidents and make road travel smarter and safer than ever before.

Smart Postal Services

Enable mail drop detection, mailbox monitoring, and dynamic routing of postal pickups to decrease operational costs and increase productivity.

Smart Waste Management

Transform waste management into a data-driven, cost-effective process for reduced carbon footprint, end-to-end transparency, remote diagnosis, and workforce resizing.

Smart Parking

Enable dynamic pricing based on parking utilization and ensure security through sensors and vision AI.

Smart Meters

Enhance customer experience with dynamic pricing based on real-time demand, all the while optimizing energy consumption with better forecasts through IoT-enabled smart meters.

Asset Tracking

Improve your organization’s complex tracking with our intelligent asset tracking system and enable process automation throughout the full lifecycle of the asset.

Video Analytics

Secure the environment with real-time, smart surveillance by detecting abandoned objects, litter, vandalism, fire breakouts, and suspicious vehicles/humans and prevent mishaps and thefts. You can also enable auto-attendance by recognizing employees upon entrance and avoid tailgating.

Smart Lighting

Upgrade from legacy street lighting systems to a networked, sensor-powered street lighting that conserves energy, maximizes efficiency, and minimizes operational costs.

Customer Engagement Analysis

Understand customer preferences and engagement levels by analyzing heat maps and footfalls to place products efficiently and enrich the overall customer experience.

Smart Pandemic Response

Limit the potentially devastating impact of future pandemics with real-time intelligence for decision making, smart security, and smart healthcare services.

Smart Transit

Transform day-to-day public/business transit operations with connected devices and cloud-based analytics that focus on managing risk, decreasing downtime, and enhancing fuel efficiency.

Building Energy Management

Infuse cognitive intelligence into building HVAC systems to analyze consumption, monitor trends, and identify where wastage can be eliminated.

Evacuation Management

Deploy evacuation simulators and digital signage to ensure that people exit from venues according to pre-established directions. Ensure safety and minimum casualties with early detection and monitoring, warning alarms, and evacuee guidance and easy navigation.

Worker Safety

Enhance worker’s health, wellness, and productivity with end-to-end solutions like IoT wearables and safety gears (smart helmets, bands, jackets) coupled with faster emergency response to prevent probable incidents.

At-Home Healthcare

Our at-home healthcare solution allows individuals to maintain their autonomous lives with minimum risk at home by enabling direct supervision of doctors through connected healthcare devices, sensors, and real-time data.

Indoor Wayfinding

Enable interactive maps, location-based services, and indoor navigation for enhanced experiences in large venues like theme parks or stadiums.

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