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iTaP-Infinite’s Testing Automation Platform

Customers today expect to be able to connect to businesses anytime, anywhere. Application quality and performance are vital to success in the digital age, as are managing short release cycles and rapidly changing customer requirements.

Businesses seek reliable, insightful software testing solutions that can ensure consistent, high-quality IT application performance. Infinite’s iTAP platform offers just that – quality testing solutions that will transform the way you do business.

Why Infinite?

Infinite offers quality testing services and solutions designed to rapidly enhance ROI by adhering to the highest testing standards and embracing industry best practices to ensure test effectiveness. Our global expertise in manual and automated testing can help you achieve your goals and boost customer satisfaction.

Infinite’s Software Testing Solutions

Infinite’s software testing solutions include test consulting services, test implementation and managed services. Our comprehensive approach to testing enables you to evaluate all aspects of your software systems to ensure they are functioning at their highest capacity.

Test Consulting Services

  • Test strategy definition: helps specify the defining characteristics of the applicable test strategy.
  • Test process and best practices: we outline the steps involved in testing along with their associated best practices.
  • Test automation feasibility: analyzes the appropriateness of using automated testing for specified functions.
  • QA maturity assessment: assesses the long-term sustainability of the QA process.
  • Tool/product evaluation: provide a benefit/drawback analysis of applicable tools and products.
  • Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) set-up: TCoE serves as a resource for evaluating all applicable software systems and processes.

Test Implementation

  • We perform functional, regression and user acceptance testing.
  • Non functional testing ensures performance, security, localization, usability and accessibility.
  • Test automation: we use frameworks, solution accelerators and reusable components for comprehensive automation coverage.
  • Mobile testing: manual and automation testing ensure reliable QA.
  • Specialized testing checks for compliance using service-oriented architecture, data warehouses and agile project management.

Managed Services

Infinite manages businesses’ software testing solutions over time to ensure reliable long-term QA. Infinite’s services management includes:

  • Test strategy definition.
  • Test process and best practices.
  • Test automation feasibility.
  • QA maturity assessment.
  • Tool/product evaluation.
  • Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) set-up.

Key Features

Domain Expertise

Technology Excellence

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Skilled Team

Solution Differentiators

End-to-end Solution

Adaptive Methodology

  • Software Quality Assurance
  • QA Strategy

Our QA strategy consulting team is focused on creating value-driven solutions for our customers.

Our QA Strategy Capabilities:

  • Provide QA strategy consulting and recommendations.
  • Perform feasibility studies for test automation and provide recommendations for suitable frameworks.
  • Provide exposure to multiple domains, including BFSI, telecom, manufacturing, media, healthcare, energy and utility.
  • Offer test strategy creation and act in an advisory role for planning, design and execution.
  • Provide test metrics, dashboard and reporting.
  • Implementation of best practices for successful project execution.
  • Offer tool evaluation to identify the best-suited testing solution.