Managed Services:

We offer managed services to successfully execute and complete projects. The services spans:

  • Setting up the test environment (replica of production environment)


  • Infinite Test Data Management that allows you to provide the right data in the right quantity and at the right time in a non-production environment.


  • Controlling code and continuous integration using available tools in the market.


  • Maintaining test release cycles.


Benefits from Infinite’s Services:

  • Our robust frameworks and testing methodologies have delivered 90% – 95% defect free products resulting in better customer satisfaction.


  • Strong knowledge of proprietary and open source testing tools helps you manage cost and quality.


  • We focus on defect prevention and early identification.
  • Our global delivery model (offshore and onshore) provides a longer testing window and quicker release cycles.


  • Our best practices in risk mitigation strategies ensures your peace of mind.


  • Our continuous training in niche testing allows for the latest and best solution for test implementation.


Our expertise in multiple domains and technologies optimizes all costs.