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By, Jul 01, 2016

Employee engagement starts even before an employee is on board, hence organisations should ensure that they connect with the employees on regular basis

Urvashi Soneja

Every organisation considers its employees as its biggest asset and understands that competitive advantage and business results depend heavily on how engaged and motivated their workforce is.

A recent research shows that 4 out of 10 workers are disengaged globally, which means 40 percent of the working population don’t like their jobs and are emotionally disconnected from their workplace.

Gone are the days when people retired from an organisation where they started their career . Today’s youth is far more aggressive and demanding and under this volatile situation, keeping the employees engaged and motivated is a big challenge.

Employee engagement is becoming paramount for retaining talent and hence, organisations are seizing every opportunity to connect with employees at all stages of the life cycle of an employee starting from attracting, selecting, developing and retaining talent.

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