Clinical Management

Integrating information and teamwork across different medical services, bodies, or health care levels is a vital cornerstone in clinical management today. Infinite solution collaborates with payers, care providers, and clients from private and government organizations to deliver market-leading clinical and health management solutions. We design, build and run numerous client programs. 

  • Clinical and Operations Performance Improvement and Redesign.
  • Analytics platforms to Unlock Data and Identify Areas of Opportunity.
  • Design care delivery model that is effective and sustainable.
  • Operations Research in Healthcare Delivery.
  • Utilization management.
  • Case management.

Value Delivered:

  • Improve quality. Proven, analytics-driven approaches to increase patient-physician engagement and drive adherence to clinical protocols, resulting in improved clinical outcomes and quality ratings.
  • Reduce medical costs. New and refined clinical and health management programs and capabilities targeted at improving quality, compliance, and outcomes can result in medical cost reduction of up to 10%.
  • Reduce administrative costs. The integration of new technologies, redesign business processes, and design of new operating models to gain operational efficiencies can result in a 35 % to 55% reduction in administrative costs.
  • Grow revenue. Building new clinical and health management services and capabilities that can result in new or increased client revenue streams.
  • 20+ Provider Clients.
  • Impact: 8M Patient Lives.
  • 90%+ Improved health outcomes – reduced risk of complications.
  • 25% of Advanced patient engagement.
  • 10+ Solution Platforms across digital transformation claims Management and Patient Engagement.