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Product Engineering Services

Infinite has been providing hardware and software development and full life-cycle support for products and systems in the telecommunications arena, a field that demands flawless execution and attention to detail. We provide product engineering services to major telecommunications gear makers, service providers, chipset vendors, operational support systems vendors in the Wireline, Wireless, and Intelligent Network areas.

Product Highlights

  • Senior architects driven teams across the globe whose track record speaks of design, development, deployment and support of high availability (99.999%) systems.
  • Commercialization success of more than 80% is an indication of our quality standards.
  • Successfully designed, developed and deployed multiple telecom solutions in operator's network.
  • Complete ownership from concept to consumer for Industrial Control & Automation products.
  • Co-investments in Labs that cover complete test lifecycle and interoperability testing of telecom products.
  • Near shore test lab infrastructure in North America.
  • Global 24/7 Tier 2 & Tier 3 support for 70+ operators.
  • Top level industry certifications and affiliations including TL9000 certification.
  • Skin-in-the-game engagement models like Revenue Share, Cost-Plus and Risk-reward based, with a view to becoming a technology partner in your efforts.
  • Infinite is a right-sized company with re-badging expertise and full system design capabilities.

Segments of Product Engineering Services