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Healthcare Solutions At Better Costs

The healthcare industry has witnessed unprecedented growth over the last few decades, and this trend continues. However, the regulatory framework governing the industry has become more stringent, making it critical for healthcare players to partner with expert healthcare IT consultants, for not just affordable healthcare technology but to also be able to harness their growth potential. Infinite’s proven excellence in healthcare IT solutions and vast expertise in implementing healthcare technology processes can help ensure healthcare businesses will remain competitive today and in the future.

Why Infinite’s Healthcare IT solutions over others?

  • Customized Care Management Content to each enrollee based on Health Profile and Health Risks
  • Built-in Telemedicine/Video Conferencing Solution
  • Built in Health Risk Assessment(IHRA) and Diagnosis Decision Support System (IDDSS) & Health Tools backed by Evidence-Based Medicine as Care Guidelines for better outcome compliances
  • Ready support for Home-Based Care
  • Built-in Personal Health Dashboard (IPHD) with Graphical views of real-time parameters with automatic alerts
  • Ready Integration with Third Party Personal Health Record (PHR) System or Health Exchanges
  • Ready Integration with Health Devices and m-Health
  • Ready support for Remote Health Monitoring
  • Seamless integration with legacy applications of Payers or Providers

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